Reinvent Your First Impression

INTRObyVIDEO™ Creates Professional Video Introductions, Video Pitches and Video Resumes.
Video is an Effective and Engaging way to Promote Your Personal Brand, Showcase Your Personality and Communicate Your Ideas.
Whether you are looking for New Clients, a New Job, or To Connect With Others, let INTRObyVIDEO help you Reinvent Your First Impression with Video.
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What is a Video Introduction?

A Video Introduction is a brief and impactful way to connect with potential employers, clients, or people in your community or industry. A video introduction has less detail than a Video Resume providing a snapshot to introduce yourself, provide basic information, and invite others to connect with you.

What is a Video Resume?

A Video Resume is a visual complement to a written resume. Video resumes give job seekers the opportunity to showcase their personality and communication skills to a potential employer. A video resume is longer in length than a Video Introduction providing greater detail into a person's initiatives, impacts, and intentions.


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